What Does 222 Mean?

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If you are one of those people who firmly believe that angels are indeed trying to communicate with us, you are probably wondering what does 222 mean, as well as any number of specific number sequences that are appearing to you. When these patterns of numbers appear, it is a great indication that angels are trying to send a message to humans, most often in the form of advice and guidance. Since the time of the ancients, humans have been interested in numerology, and have placed great importance in numbers and their ability to shape our lives. That’s why authors like Doreen Virtue are committed to researching angel communication, so the information can be passed along to ordinary persons who want to take advantage of angel guidance and healing.

So exactly, what DOES 222 mean? 222 is a pattern that is a very positive sign that you are on the right path. You don’t need to worry about the future, because everything is determined and turning out exactly as it was planned. So feel to take your hands off the wheel, and enjoy the ride! Don’t bother focusing your efforts on distractions or negative feelings. You may be traveling on a bumpy road, but it is the direction you should be going. There is little you need to change in your life, and you should take comfort in this fact, and not take it for granted.

To learn more about what does 222 mean, refer to Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101. In this guide, common number sequences that angels use to communicate are revealed. The meanings are then described in detail. In order to find these numbers, you merely need to be looking. Sometimes angels will place them directly in front of you, such as in a license plate. Other times, important messages might come to you in your dreams. Take note of any significant-looking numbers, and be sure to look them up. You will likely find there are messages being sent to you that are of direct importance to your personal and spiritual life.

If you are still concerned about what does 222 mean, you need to do nothing more than research it for yourself. Doreen Virtue, as mentioned above, is the expert on angel communication and guidance. There is really no better source for learning to use the wisdom of angels in your daily life. While 222 is a very important pattern with a very specific message, there are many more that angels use, and you must become aware of them all in order to optimally utilize their divine guidance. Don’t wonder about what does 222 mean – find out for yourself!


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